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Having trained over 2,50,000+ students, Rank Keywords is proud to maintain a track record of maximum placements since the past 10 years and is still continuously striving to raise the bar of placement.

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What Is 3D Animation?

3D animation is the technique of using action/motion to bring life in actors, cars, props, and more for TV shows, videos, and games too. In order to ensure they produce an animation-ready model, 3D designers or 3D animators are also involved in several early phases of the VFX pipeline. For one, the Animator has to make sure that whoever rigs the model does so with certain aspects in mind in order to give a character the right personality characteristics and gestures.


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Rank Keywords established in the year 2017, offers world class training facilities in the field of Animation, Visual Fx, Gaming, Graphics and Web Designing. Our innovative pedagogy focuses on fostering creative learning with the help of highly experienced, qualified and committed trainers who inspire students to strengthen their power of imagination and breathe life into their imaginary characters.


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