Palm is one such tree that is not much popular for its medicinal properties. It is red or orange in colour. There are two types of palm oil: American palm oil and African palm oil. Beta carotene levels are high in palm oil. It contains a very little quantity of saturated fat. This helps in the increase of LDL cholesterol, which supports in the prevention of heart disease. It is also used for cooking in various areas (South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia). Due to the presence of trans fat, people are now using it in their diet. It can be used as a diet with poor cholesterol. Let’s take a look at the benefits of palm oil.

How it is used?

  1. – Palm oil is used in cooking and is added to many cooked meals in grocery stores. Its taste is considered to be hearty and rustic.
  2. Unrefined palm oil is a traditional staple of Nigerian and Congolese cuisine and is especially suitable for curry and other spicy dishes. Some say it tastes like carrots and pumpkins.
  3. Refined Palm Oil has a high smoke point of 450 ° F (232 ° C) and is stable at high heat, so it is often used for deep-fried foods and deep-fried foods.
  4. Palm oil may also be added to peanut butter and other nut butters as a stabilizer to prevent the oil from settling and settling on the top of the jar.

In addition to nut butter, refined palm oil is found in several other foods, including:

  1. Grain
  2. Baked goods such as bread, cookies and muffins
  3. Protein bar and diet bar
  4. Chocolate
  5. Coffee cream
  6. Margarine

This oil is also found in many non-foods such as toothpaste, soap and cosmetics.

How to include Bawarchi Gold Refined Palmolein Oil in your regular diet:

  1. Use palm oil for cooking.
  2. Use palm oil instead of butter for making Parathas or tempering vegetables.
  3. Add palm oil to things like dips, sauces and pickles
  4. Compared to other liquid oils, Bawarchi Gold Palmolein Oil is relatively high in saturated fats.
  5. The vitamin E found in palmolein oil has been connected to improved brain health & reduce the risk of heart
  6. Bawarchi Gold Refined Palmolein Oil provides variety of other nutrients.


Bawarchi Gold Refined- Palmolein oil 15kg Tin
Bawarchi Gold Refined- Palmolein oil 15kg Tin

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